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Upload your highlight reels and connect directly to college coaches from anywhere in the country. Allow coaches to get an up-close look at you anytime they want.


Club/High School Teams

Take your game to the next level by having your team’s games sent directly to college coaches. Upload your game film and college coaches all over the country will instantly be able to watch and follow your team and players


College Head and Assistant Coaches

Enjoy free and unlimited access to all videos. Anytime. Anyplace.

Maximize recruiting at your convenience with the ability to watch games from anywhere as soon as they are posted.

About Us

At Total Lacrosse Network, we believe exposure is everything. Our goal is to bring coaches and players closer together than ever before.

Now lacrosse players from everywhere, hoping to play at the next level, can have their games and highlight reels viewed by coaches from anywhere. Videos that are posted onto Total Lacrosse Network are only being watched by college coaches, looking to recruit players. This is an opportunity to be seen by coaches all over the country, from teams you never thought would be in consideration.

Your videos will be accessible to all coaches ranging from Top Division I programs all the way through to Division III and Junior College programs. A game you play in the afternoon can be watched by coaches later that night. Coaches can follow you and be notified when your next game is uploaded.

If you’re serious about playing lacrosse collegiately, there is no greater exposure than having your team games and highlight reels posted on Total Lacrosse Network.


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  • *$99 price for players who are part of an existing team
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  • $299
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  • Simplify your interactions with college coaches
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